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Beane Street Windows and Doors specializes in the installation and replacement of insulated impact windows and sliding glass doors.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service and products available. The windows, sliding glass doors and decorative front entry doors we use are made to withstand the harsh Florida elements while providing your property exceptional curb appeal. Our experienced installation teams take pride in making our door and window replacement projects as unintrusive as possible.


Our family-owned company has over 32 years of combined experience in the construction industry.

We proudly serve homeowners in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Call us today for a free estimate at (941) 727-8980.

We want to make sure that your family, and your home, are well protected year-round.


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Protect one of your largest assets by installing new insulated impact-rated windows and doors and enjoy these benefits
*Value - not only will new impact windows and doors protect your investment, but also increase it's value
*Energy - energy efficiency is top priority so we offer LowE coatings and Argon gas filled insulated glass
*Crime - laminated glass makes it virtually impossible for burglars to break in through the glass
*Clean - special coatings help make dirt and grime rinse away so much easier
*Hurricanes - many of our products can withstand winds upwards of 200 mph
*Insurance - with the added protection of new impact windows and doors, your insurance premiums may be reduced
*UV-Rays - block out approximately 98% of harmful UV rays and protect your furnishings
*Noise - we offer some of the most noise resistant products on the market with STC 40