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We offer vinyl hurricane resistant windows and doors

Single Hung Windows
Architectural Windows
Double Hung Windows
Awning Windows
Horizontal Slider Windows
Sliding Glass Doors
Casement Windows
Front Entry Way Doors
Picture Windows
French Doors

Benefits of new vinyl windows and doors

Lower Insurance Rates
Increased Home Value
Added Security from Hurricanes 
Energy Efficiency
UV-Ray Reduction
Anti-Theft Deterrent 
Reduce Outdoor Noise Pollution
Easier to Clean and Operate

Impact Window Solutions

Whether you are looking for a licensed and insured contractor to install replacement impact windows and add style and efficiency with storm protection to your existing home or you are wanting the best window solutions for your new dream home, Beane Street has the right window solutions for you. 


We offer Ultimate High Impact Resistant hybrid vinyl windows which exceed Miami-Dade Code, Florida Builder's Code, our competitors and beyond. Our vinyl impact windows are rated for Florida's High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) coastal areas with wind loads up to 200 mph, carry the Energy Star Rating and offer security with peace of mind.  

Impact Door Solutions

Sliding glass door worn out or you would just like to upgrade to a more energy efficient hurricane rated doors?

Beane Street offers Ultimate High Impact Resistant patio sliding glass doors, french doors, side lites and more.  

Energy Efficiency

Protect your home's interior from the everyday barrage of harmful UV-Rays. We offer LowE Argon Gas Filled Cardinal Glass which reduce UV-Rays by approximately 98%. Additionally, vinyl windows and doors are highly energy efficient which translates to energy savings for you.

Hurricane Resistant Vinyl Windows

Minimize the damage caused by installing windows that are designed and built for hurricanes and inclement weather. For added performance our hybrid vinyl windows have passed stringent tests up to 200 mph winds, Design Pressure structural performance up to DP100, up to STC 40 for sound & yes, bomb blast resistant.  

30-Year Transferable Residential Warranty

Floridians are faced with a set of challenges when it comes to home improvement and maintenance due to our extreme weather. One of our challenges is the Florida sunshine that quickly fades or destroys our interior finishes by harmful UV Rays. Our exposure to inclement weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms leave our homes vulnerable to wind and water intrusion. It is important that Florida homeowners protect their investment and family by installing hurricane resistant windows and doors with effective UV Ray inhibitors. 


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