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As a licensed and insured contractor, Beane Street has the right solutions for your needs, whether you’re looking to install replacement impact windows and doors that blend style and efficiency or are searching for the best fit while building your dream home. When it comes to your largest asset, performance and protection is what we offer, including high impact-resistant hybrid vinyl windows which go above and beyond Miami-Dade Code, Florida Building Code and our competitors’ products. Not only are our vinyl impact windows and doors rated for coastal areas in High Velocity Hurricane Zones, but they carry the Energy Star badge and provide security that you and your family deserve. 

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Protection From Florida's Challenging Elements

From inclement weather, like tropical storms and hurricanes, to bright skies year-round, Floridians face many challenges when it comes to protecting their homes and indoor living spaces from harmful UV rays, and intrusive wind and water. At Beane Street, our team understands how difficult maintaining your home’s longevity can be without state-of-the-art solutions, designed to shield you and your family from the elements. This is why we offer Low-E Argon gas-filled insulated windows, which reduce UV rays by roughly 98%, and highly-efficient vinyl insulated impact windows and doors that can help you save on energy costs anytime and every year. High impact windows are designed and built to handle Florida’s unique weather — and our hybrid vinyl impact windows are rated for up to 200 mph winds, structural performance up to DP 120 and STC 40 for noise resistance.

With our experience and stress-tested solutions, your safety and comfort are prioritized by doing away with plywood and metal shutters. And, yes, our impact-rated windows are bomb blast resistant. 


Hidden element.

Elevate your entryway with unique aesthetic features not found in standard doors. Advisar’s factory finishing guarantees a flawless, uniform appearance for every order. By handling finishing in-house, Advirsar eliminates errors, damage and project delays often associated with onsite painting, allowing Beane Street to focus solely on door installation and satisfaction. 

High-quality designs blend style and functionality. Choose from Advisar’s array of decorative glass designs, all equipped with Low-E technology. This state-of-the-art design enhances your home’s energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer and air leakage, saving you money on monthly energy bills and elevating your comfort level.

Advisar has impact-rated doors and glass, compliant with building codes in high-wind and coastal regions of Florida. Ask Beane Street about upgrading your doors to safeguard your entryway against severe weather conditions.

Traditional packaging often results in damaged products, delaying projects by six to eight weeks. Advisar developed an innovative solution, ensuring Beane Street delivers on our promise of high quality service. Advisar’s packaging is engineered to safeguard door systems, preventing frustration and delays.

Get durable, weather-resistant door systems with Advisar’s prehung doors encased in high-performance frames. Crafted from advanced composite materials, these frames resist rot and weather damage, unlike traditional pine. Engineered sills ensure superior air and water resistance, providing stronger, low-maintenance doors compared to conventional wood options.

Look and feel matters. Designed to mimic authentic wood appearance, Advisar’s doors truly stand out. While competitors’ designs may have protruding edges, giving away that it’s a non-wood door, ours feature smooth, square edges for a genuine wood-like aesthetic.

Advisar ensures harmony in every detail of your door, including coordinated weather stripping colors. Unlike other companies who default to white, which may clash with darker doors, Advisar offers customizable options. This attention to detail allows our team at Beane Street to tailor your entryway to perfection, down to the smallest elements.

Stains are hand-applied for an authentic, smooth wood appearance. Unlike some manufacturers who are satisfied with textured surfaces, Advisar prioritizes replicating the natural feel of wood. By mirroring real wood’s look and feel, Beane Street’s door solutions provide an unmatched authenticity that enhances your space.

Select from popular paint colors or stains for factory-finished doors, ensuring consistency and durability. Advisar’s advanced equipment, expert techniques, and sealed finishes are meticulously applied in controlled conditions, guaranteeing excellent quality with every order.

Advisar’s Silhouette™ seamless glass frame creates an elegant finish. With its plug-free design, the glass is securely held internally, eliminating visible fasteners and screw holes. This design ensures uninterrupted beauty by concealing the fastening system, delivering a seamless architectural appearance.

Advisar preinstalls your selected hardware and locksets to ensure superior ease, quality, and appearance. Selected from top brands, these hardware options include electronic lock sets and three-point security locking systems, all beautifully finished to seamlessly match your door.


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Protecting your home is your priority, and our team at Beane Street believes it should never be out of reach. Contact us to learn more about financing options and to explore how you can get the durability of impact windows and doors with affordable interest rates and payment terms.